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Family Travel 🌏 Family Adventure ⛺

We’re an 🇦🇺 family of 5 👫👦👦👦 What’s on your todo list? 📋 Get Todoing with us! ✌ We’re on a lap of Australia in a caravan with our 3 kids and want to share the experience with you.

We are going to share our planning, experiences and reviews with you.  Look out for us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, PintrestYoutube and right here on our #todoingfamily blog.

The boys are in Primary School, and Steph works at the same school as a Performing Arts teacher.  Justin is in IT Consulting, providing digital and technology services.  He works from home or wherever he can place a laptop and wear a set of headphones!  Steph is a vegetarian, and the boys are all pretty much any-tarian, particularly Harry who is a budding foodie.

You’re going to see family travel and adventure ideas, tips, experiences and of course all of the planning, decisions and steps during our lap of Australia. It’s great you’re here to share and we hope you will get in touch and interact with us as we go.
What’s on your todo list? Get todoing with us!