We’ve been using Oztrail gear for a number of years, so when it came time to organize our camping furniture and accessories getting in touch with them made total sense.

For our trip we have a number of Oztrail items to help make life more comfortable on the road, in the van and whilst exploring Australia on our Big Lap.

Toyota Land Cruiser Sahara 2011

We wanted to ensure that our 4×4 will make it where we need to, and we have set it up to do just that. But just in case there are problems, Oztrail supply a number of recovery items. In our kit bag we have their 4 piece snatch kit to get us out of trouble when needed, the Tyre Repair Kit to rescue damaged tyres in the car or caravan and their Rapid Tyre Deflator to get those tyre pressures right on the go.

Getting there is just the half of it, once there we want to enjoy those great locations. We’ve added a RV Shade Awning to the car to provide beach, roadside or remote shade anywhere our car will take us. We’ve also got some really flexible RV Travel Mate chairs in the car as well. We can pull these out for road side stops, at the beach, fishing or basically anywhere we want to pull up, extend the awning and have a comfortable seat. They also convert to a foot rest or side table which is really handy for when on the move as well. Multiple uses!

Jayco Journey Outback 22.68-1

No one likes sitting around in a caravan. Sure it’s a great space, but the real fun, experiences and ambiance comes from sitting out under the stars. Oztrail make a great number of different seating options. At home we had giant recliners, but they were too big and heavy for this trip! We’ve upgraded to two RV Jumbo Chairs for us and three RV Chairs for the boys.

We also added a Spare Wheel Bin to the back of the caravan which has multiple uses. When at camp we can store excess rubbish. This is great when free or low cost camping, often where no bins or disposal options exist. In transit, we keep our hose reels in there. It has a small drain and allows the water to exit freely as we move from site to site.

Personal Accessories

Oztrail have a very wide range of items to help make camping, four wheel driving and caravanning a lot more enjoyable. But they also make some great accessories for exploring too.

We love to explore, going on walks and hikes during the day or night. For day we have Gecko 2L Hydration Packs, allowing the boys to keep hydrated as we explore the great places we are visiting in the car and van. For night time exploring, the boys where their rechargable headtorches which have a number of different settings which is great to ensure safety in the dark. They are rechargeable by USB too which is great to allow the boys to plug them in to their USB ports in the caravan.

As you can see, Oztrail really do make our life more comfortable and enjoyable on the road, in the van and whilst exploring all this great country has to offer. Thank you to Oztrail for helping make our big lap of Australia a reality.